Previous Conferences

The Cumbria TA Conference began in 2005 and we always meet on the last Saturday in February in Penrith and online.  We have been blessed with a host of wonderful speakers and workshop presenters over the years.  Our conference theme is chosen collaboratively between our keynote speaker and our conference committee. Here is a look back at the keynote speakers and themes we have enjoyed over the years:

2020: Andy Williams – Global Connection – Global Survival

2019: Sue Eusden: Attachment – Hide and Seek: The experience of asking for help.

2018: Ray Little: Looking forwards, looking backwards, and the maintenance of clinical boundaries

2017: Lis Heath: Belonging

2016: Cathy McQuaid: What makes a therapist

2015: Helen Hargaden: To be or not to be – is that the question?

2014: Sabine Klingenberg: Celebrating rites of passage

2013: John Heath: Body of knowledge

2012: Jim Davis: Therapeutic diversity

2011: Graeme Summers: Trauma and recovery

2010: Alastair Moodie: Perspectives on positive change

2009: Robin Walford: TA for today

2008: Kathy Leach: TA is OK

2007: Steff Oates: The body of TA

2006: Chris Davidson: TA in the real world

2005: Mary Cox: Celebrating success